We had two American Fellowships open that were created in Minnesota. The good news is that the “Dr. Jane Skinner American Fellowship” reached the magic number of $100,000.00 in January 2016. This fund was started by the Northfield Branch in 2001. This means this Fellowship is fully endowed and can now be funding awardees.

The “Minnesota Past Presidents Fellowship”, has not yet made it to being endowed. There is approximately $33,000 remaining to fully fund this fellowship. It would be great if we could finish this Fellowship. Just put AAUW Fund #4326 on your donation and we will be on our way to getting it to being endowed and start having awardees.

Thank you to our generous members in Minnesota. We get recognized as being in the top tier of contributions to the collective AAUW Fund.

One AAUW, One Mission, One Fund

The AAUW Fund is a general fund for unrestricted gifts, which are used when and where they are most needed. This prevents overfunded and underfunded areas that keep AAUW from reaching our full mission potential. By donating to the AAUW Fund, you are helping incubate and grow our highly successful, community-based, mission-driven programs, such as Tech Trek and Tech Savvy, Start Smart and Work Smart, Elect Her, the Legal Advocacy Fund, the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, research, and other initiatives.

In the past, AAUW’s national membership dues covered the costs of managing and running mission-based programs. Though membership numbers have remained steady the past several years, national membership dues have remained the same, and program costs have risen annually. AAUW national membership dues cover just 30 percent of the funds needed to support the mission-based programs and advocacy efforts that are fundamental to AAUW’s ongoing effectiveness. We have an expert team of staff and volunteers at a national level that ensure we continue to fund programs that support our mission promoting equity and education for women and girls. Since our founding in 1881, AAUW members have examined and taken positions on the fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic, and political.

If you have any questions about AAUW Funds, contact our AAUW MN AAUW Fund VP, Veronica Johnson, veronicajj3@aol.com.