Start Smart Work Smart Grants

Start Smart or Work Smart Grant Application Information

The MN State Board supports the AAUW charge to close the gender gap pay with strong support of the AAUW Salary Negotiations Workshops of Start Smart and Work Smart.  The State Board voted to approve $4,500 for competitive grants for 2019-2020 to host a Start Smart or Work Smart workshop.

AAUW Start Smart is a two hour workshop designed for college students about to enter the job market.  AAUW Start Smart teaches women the skills and resources they need to ask and receive fair pay.  Branches need to collaborate to host a Start Smart Workshop and this is usually done with a college or university.

AAUW Work Smart was created for working women.  It is a two hour workshop designed to help working women negotiate for a new job, a raise, benefits or promotions.  Successful workshops have been done in collaboration with local professional women’s organizations, community organization and with local government agencies.

AAUW workshops, Start Smart and Work Smart are licensed programs which require a license fee and a licensing agreement.  It is inappropriate and illegal to take parts of the program and develop a “similar” presentation.  The host branch must sign an agreement and follow the requirements of the licensing agreement.  Information is available on “Host a Workshop” on the AAUW web site or  Branches can’t  charge participants.

Applications Due August 23, 2019………………………………………..…..Amount Available $3,000
Applications Due November 15, 2019……………………………………….Amount Available $1,500
AAUW will award grants up to $1,500.  Funds not allocated in August will be transferred to November.  I f applications exceed funding in August, applications not selected will be considered in November.

The FORMAT for the 2019-2020 Work Smart Start Smart identifies the requirements in the application.

AAUW Start Smart-Work Grant Application Information