Young Women for Equity Awards

2020 AAUW MN Young Women for Equity Award

A $500 award for a young woman in high school and a young woman in college (up to age 25) The criteria for this award are: * A young woman may be nominated for a high school or college level (up to age 25) award * The project or activity specifically addresses women’s and girls’ equity issues. * The nominee must exhibit leadership that reflects the AAUW Mission * There must be evidence of the impact of the action or event. The evidence of impact must be specific to the nominee’s participation. Measureable outcomes should be identified, if possible. This could include any of the following: number of girls or women served, results of the event or research as they impact women or girls, any statistical measures of success, “before or after” stories of women or girls benefitting from the action.

Nominations must be done by a Branch member and include responses to the above criteria and information requested. No applications by students will be accepted. A panel of AAUW members will select the high school and college award winners.

The recipients of this award will be announced at the State Convention and they will be invited to our convention banquet or luncheon. Each winner will have the opportunity to speak briefly upon receiving the award. Up to two guests may accompany the winner and may attend the banquet or luncheon free of charge as our guest. Additional guests are welcomed but will need to make reservations and pay for their own meals. If a recipient is unable to attend, her nominator or a branch member may accept the award in her behalf.

PLEASE NOTE-We do not judge nominations by lengthy lists of all accomplishments, organizations, and projects an individual has been involved in. What we are looking for are projects that specifically address women and girls equity issues. We are most interested in reading about the leadership roles that the nominees have played in such projects.

Nominations for 2020 may be sent to Deanna Ensley, MN AAUW Program Chair, 29329 Sunny Beach Addition Road, Grand Rapids, MN 55744 or

Applications must be returned by February 28, 2020.

AAUW MN Young Women for Equity Award 2020