The Minnesota AAUW funds contributions for 2023, based on the December 2023 report received from National AAUW, are listed below:

Grand Total: $89,630.49

The majority of the donations were made supporting the 9110-AAUW Greatest Needs Fund. The other funds supported by MN AAUW are: 4450-Education & Training Fund, 4449-Economic Security Fund, 2504-National Conference for College Women Student Leaders Scholarships, and 4452-Leadership Fund.

Based on the most recent report received from National, the highest branch contribution amount is from the Rochester Branch. AAUW Rochester also had the highest individual contribution and the highest number of individual contributions. Every branch contribution represents the generosity and support of programs vital to the organization.

Through their AAUW Funds contributions, many branches across Minnesota qualified to honor special people as Named Grant Honorees. A branch was able to recognize one special person for every $750 that it contributed to one of the previously mentioned AAUW funds.

Below is the list of 2023 Named Grant Honorees received from the various branches as of March 18, 2024. We acknowledge and thank these women, who were recognized for their contributions to AAUW, their branches, and their communities. AAUW MN branches should be proud of their work and financial awards they’ve each given in the names of these deserving individuals.

Brainerd           Mary Farmer

Duluth              Angela George, Linda LeGarde-Grover

Ely                    Barb Soderberg, Pat Merfeld, Marge Forsberg

Faribault            “In honor of all the women who have worked at our Faribault AAUW Book Sales from the 1960’s to our last one in 2024”

Hastings           Shirley Tammen, Ramona McCullough, Diane Saed

Hibbing            Sara Merfeld

Minneapolis   Ann Vanvick, Jennifer Johnson, Leslie Swenson, Julie Ollila, Marilyn Listvan,                                        Ginny Craig

Owatonna        Marla Holt

Red Wing         Annmarie Rose

Rochester         Marilyn Stewart, Wendy Shannon, Stacy Haugen, Amy Caucutt

St. Paul   Alice Faribault, Carol Gregorson, Karen Kirkwood, Avis Tilden, Carol Oeltjenbruns,      Carolyn Sorenson, Sharon Klumpp, Kay Hoskins, Jan Quist, Jan Hertel