MEMBERSHIP – We invite you to become a part of AAUW!

With over 2,000 members in 27 branches, AAUW Minnesota is a dynamic organization with a long history of learning and affecting change on issues like education, civil rights, equity in the workplace and on college campuses, reproductive rights and gender discrimination. In Minnesota, members often get involved at the local branch in learning activities or public policy action, gain leadership skills, and attend the AAUW of Minnesota Annual Meeting in the spring.

Our Mission: AAUW advances equity for women and girls through Research, Education, and Advocacy.

Membership is open to people who hold and associate degree (AA, AS) or higher. Students working toward a qualifying degree may become student affiliates. In principle and practice, AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or class.

Benefits of Membership:

  •  Support advocacy for women and girls in the areas of education, economic security and civil rights! 
  •  Receive national AAUW information and research, 2-minute activist alerts, and the quarterly Minnesota AAUW Pine e-newsletter
  • Attend branch meetings, keep learning via study groups or programs, learn to lobby for state policies
  •  Gain leadership skills locally or nationally while supporting the mission
  •  Support local scholarships for undergraduate women, national fellowships for graduate women students (over $4 million annually!), Campus Action Project grants, the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, and/or AAUW C/U student organizations
  • Help make support available for gender discrimination plaintiffs via the Legal Advocacy Fund
  • Make impact through local, national, and international initiatives and partnerships

Meet great, committed people and have fun!

Membership Types (All dues run from July 1- June 30. Half-year dues also available.) Branch, State, and National Member: Includes membership in National AAUW, AAUW-Minnesota & a local Branch. Branches set their own dues, so find a branch
and follow the branch’s instructions (send check to branch treasurer or join online at as indicated). The dues will include national and state dues.

  • State and National Member: Includes membership in National AAUW and AAUW Minnesota. This member is not affiliated with any local branch. Dues are $67 for National + $9 for MN. Join online at or send a check to the AAUW MN Treasurer, Beth Nienow
  •  National Member Only: Includes membership only in National AAUW. Dues are currently $67, with $64 is tax-deductible (the $3 is not deductible because it supports the AAUW Action Fund’s section 501© (4) Lobby corps and get-out-the-vote activities). This member is not affiliated with a local branch or state.
  • College/University Members: Institutions can join AAUW. College/university (C/U) representatives are appointed by an AAUW C/U member institution to serve as the liaison between students and AAUW.
  • E-Student Affiliate: Students can join as affiliates for free when their college or university is an AAUW member. Graduate students enrolled in a regionally accredited educational institution can join for $18.81. (1881 is the year AAUW was founded.) Undergraduate students can join for $17. Students enrolled in colleges or universities that are AAUW college/university members can become e-affiliate members at no cost. Minnesota State Dues for Student Affiliates is $2.00.
  •  Student Affiliation: Undergraduate students at institutions that are not AAUW College/University members can join AAUW for $17 a year. Minnesota State Dues for Student Affiliates are $2.00.
  • Graduate Students: If you are in grad school, you’re already eligible to join AAUW. But, you can get a graduate student discount. AAUW offers an introductory rate of $18.81 for your first year (1881 is the year AAUW was founded.). After that it’s $67 a year for AAUW National Membership.
  • Life Membership: By making a one-time payment of 20 times the annual national dues amount, a paid life member does not pay the annual National dues. Local branch and state dues still apply.
  • Fifty-Year Honorary Membership: An individual member who has paid AAUW dues for fifty years, becomes a Life Member and is exempt from national and state AAUW dues. Local branch dues may still apply.

Membership Marketing Tips (and there is more where this came from!)
Maximize Your Marketing and Visibility Efforts
Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Organizations 
Diversity and Inclusion Tool Kit 
Diversity Officer
Recruit College/University Partner Members 
Recruitment Tip Sheet (including younger members) 
– Video: One AAUW
The Power of Membership
Does Everyone In Your Chapter Know Your Elevator Speech? 

AAUW Membership Development Programs

  • AAUW Keys to the Future: A Member-Get-A-Member Campaign Over the last 126 years, AAUW has established an unequaled legacy of involvement and advocacy. Now, as a member, you are invited to assure the continuation of that legacy as an active participant in the AAUW Keys to the Future: A Member-Get-A-Member campaign. The premise is simple, invite (or by giving a gift of membership) someone to join AAUW. Receive recognition and awards for your efforts. Visit our Hall of Fame to share in the accomplishment of others.
  • The Shape the Future Membership Campaign is a program used to help branches recruit new members by offering reduced membership rates for new or lapsed members to join on the spot during AAUW-sponsored activities. Branches build their member base and earn free memberships to use any way they wish.
  • The Membership Tool Kit is available online in the Member Center. The tool kit puts everything branch membership vice presidents need to know – from a calendar of what to do and when, to creating a branch environment to growth, to recruitment and retention strategies – in one place and at their fingertips.
  • Supplies of AAUW recruitment brochures, Membership brochure/application (Share our passion), AAUW general brochure (Shaping the Future for Women & Girls), Member advantages brochure (affinity partners program), Student Affiliate are available free for up to 25 copies online using the Supply Order Form.

Benefits of Membership for College/University Students

  • Meet other feminists and work toward gender equity as you gain leadership skills! Create/Join an AAUW-U student organization. Can affiliate with a campus-based women’s center…although many campuses do not have women’s centers! Options include:

– Plan programs related to women’s student equity (e.g., student loan debt, reproductive rights, salary negotiation, etc.).
– Apply for a Campus Action Grant (up to 5K). Due in October. Check the website for yearly themes and specific instructions.
– Coordinate ELECT HER program on your campus (write grant and then plan a half-day conference on helping women-identified students to run for office. Due in August.).

– Connect with national AAUW staff for advice.

  • Be a part of the 10-member AAUW National Student Advisory Council – great experience!
  • Apply to local branches for scholarships to attend NCCWSL – National Conference for Women Student Leaders
  • Apply for an undergraduate scholarship via a local branch or one of the national AAUW fellowships or grants for women graduate students including international students!
    Additional Membership Info. Please contact the AAUW Branch in which you are interested.

For other questions, contact AAUW of Minnesota Membership Vice President:  Pat Powers at or