AAUW of Minnesota and AAUW Minnesota branches offer NCCWSL scholarships!

The National Conference of College Women Student Leaders —NCCWSL— is America’s premier conference for college women, providing a transformative experience for 1,000 attendees and preparing them to be the next generation of leaders. To apply for a scholarship, check with the AAUW Branch in your area. “The conference was eye-opening. There is something beautiful and empowering about being in the same space as hundreds of other women leaders fighting for equity. Leaving the conference, I was more motivated to make change than ever before.”

– Rosemary Pechous, a 2017 NCCWSL attendee.

Our AAUW Vision Statement
AAUW empowers all women and girls to reach their highest potential.

Visit the NCCWSL site:

NCCWSL Resource Materials for AAUW MN Branch Use

  1. AAUW MN $500 NCCWSL Scholarship Timeline
  2. How AAUW of MN Branches can apply for a NCCWSL Grant
  3. Sample-AAUW Branch announces NCCWSL
  4. Sample-AAUW Branch NCCWSL application
  5. Sample-ID assigned name removed cover sheet for AAUW NCCWSL Scholarship
  6. Sample-AAUW Branch NCCWSL Scholarship notification letter
  7. Sample-AAUW Branch NCCWSL Scholarship notification not chosen
  8. Sample-Photo Release Form
  9. Sample-AAUW Branch Press Release post NCCWSL
  10. Sample Power Point: What is NCCWSL?
  11. Sample-Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policy