NCCWSL will be fully virtual, Tuesday, May 25, and Wednesday, May 26, 2021 Want to apply? Look under Branches to find an AAUW Branch near you, or contact any board member.

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Other NCCWSL Resource Materials for AAUW MN Branch Use ONLY

  1. How AAUW of MN Branches can apply for a NCCWSL Grant
  2. SAMPLE AAUW Branch announces NCCWSL flyer 2021
  3. SAMPLE AAUW Hastings Branch NCCWSL application 2021

AAUW of Minnesota received thank you notes from 2019 NCCWSL attendees:

“ …the conference was absolutely amazing and made me feel like I can conquer whatever the world throws at me…I attended five workshops that helped strengthen my skills, knowledge, and abilities. 1. Rock Your Profile 2. Navigating Difficult Conversations 3. Building Authentic and Powerful Relationships in a Diverse Society 4. Campaigns and Election Trails 5. Public Speaking for Women by a Woman Who Speaks… ~Sara Minder

“ …Thank you so very much for the scholarship to attend NCCWSL…the speech by Dr. Tererai Trent (Oprah’s “All-Time Favorite Guest”) inspired me…I was so happy to meet so many different people and I will certainly bring my memories back to Smith… ~Claudia Schmugge

2020 Documents

  1. Sample-AAUW Branch announces NCCWSL
  2. Sample-ID assigned name removed cover sheet for AAUW NCCWSL Scholarship
  3. Sample-AAUW Branch NCCWSL Scholarship notification letter
  4. Sample-AAUW Branch NCCWSL Scholarship notification not chosen
  5. Sample-Photo Release Form
  6. Sample-AAUW Branch Press Release post NCCWSL
  7. Sample Power Point: What is NCCWSL?
  8. Sample-Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policy