AAUW of Minnesota and AAUW Minnesota branches offer NCCWSL scholarships!

The National Conference of College Women Student Leaders —NCCWSL— is America’s premier conference for college women, providing a transformative experience for 1,000 attendees and preparing them to be the next generation of leaders. To apply for a scholarship, check with the AAUW Branch in your area. “The conference was eye-opening. There is something beautiful and empowering about being in the same space as hundreds of other women leaders fighting for equity. Leaving the conference, I was more motivated to make change than ever before.”

– Rosemary Pechous, a 2017 NCCWSL attendee.

Our AAUW Vision Statement
AAUW empowers all women and girls to reach their highest potential.

Announcing 2019 NCCWSL Start Up Grants for AAUW MN

2019 NCCWSL Start Up Grants for AAUW MN Branches Application

Visit the NCCWSL site:

NCCWSL Resource Materials for AAUW MN Branch Use

  1. AAUW MN $500 NCCWSL Scholarship Timeline
  2. How AAUW of MN Branches can apply for a NCCWSL Grant
  3. Sample-AAUW Branch announces NCCWSL
  4. Sample-AAUW Branch NCCWSL application
  5. Sample-ID assigned name removed cover sheet for AAUW NCCWSL Scholarship
  6. Sample-AAUW Branch NCCWSL Scholarship notification letter
  7. Sample-AAUW Branch NCCWSL Scholarship notification not chosen
  8. Sample-Photo Release Form
  9. Sample-AAUW Branch Press Release post NCCWSL
  10. Sample Power Point: What is NCCWSL?
  11. Sample-Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policy