Thief River Falls Branch

President:    Shelley Steva     email    218-681-5289

When AAUW celebrated its 125th anniversary, our branch celebrated our 30th anniversary.

While local members study books, our branch also:

    • Gives scholarships to students
    • Supports and promotes the high school science fair
    • Participates in Women’s History Month, and
    • Helps organize and sponsors the Lincoln High School Honor Banquet.

Members of the branch come from all walks of life, representing many different occupations and educational experience.

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The Thief River Falls Branch of AAUW has been honoring outstanding women and outstanding students for over thirty years with our Women of Honor program and our Lincoln High School Senior Honors Banquet. With our Women of Honor program the Thief River Falls AAUW has signaled out women who have contributed in exceptional ways to the Thief River Falls community. Women from all walks of life have won this award- from volunteers to educators and everyone in between. The amazing ways that women have enriched our communities have gone under the radar for way too long. With this award, the Thief River Falls branch of AAUW is trying to make this oversight disappear.

The Lincoln High School Honors Banquet began over thirty years ago for much the same reason. Senior year at the local high school was filled with Athletic Banquets and honors galore for all the worthy athletes in the school- but where were there any recognition for those seniors with a grade-point average of 3.5 or above? At that time there was no acknowledgment of these worthy seniors. Identifying this oversight, our local branch organized the first dinner for these worthy seniors and their families. As the years went by, the school has taken over much of the responsibility for the running of this dinner, but AAUW is still working with the school, organizing the event and giving out two scholarships to worthy seniors. The local branch President acts as Master-of Ceremonies as well. The Thief River Falls branch of AAUW is proud of their part in recognizing these great women and seniors and hope that we can continue to run these events for another thirty years!