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Grand Rapids AAUW has one of the largest AAUW memberships in Minnesota! That alone is a great point, but in addition, we meet all year around on the third Monday of each month to socialize, share a meal and hear a presentation by speakers on all topics, meeting times vary during the seasons. Grand Rapids AAUW has a number of special interest groups meeting at various times of the year, also depending on the weather and the season. We give two college scholarships through two foundations located here in Grand Rapids. We will hopefully start a third scholarship for some young STEM student women attending our Itasca Community College Engineering Program. Our community foundations along with our local arts community make Grand Rapids a GRAND place to live!

We have several smaller fundraisers each year for our scholarships. We have a “Traveler Treasurer” drawing at our regular monthly meetings and book sales in the Fall and Spring. For our Christmas Party, we hold a very successful, FUN and different kind of silent auction with a delicious meal at one of our local restaurants.

See our Timberline newsletter to learn more. We invite you to attend a monthly dinner meeting or to become a member. For information, president – Laurie Clausen –

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